Chapter 1193: Don’t Dare to Fight?

Chapter 1193: Don’t Dare to Fight?

All Heaven and Earth shook. The old man’s voice echoed about, filled with venomous hatred. Although most people didn’t understand what an Allheaven Clan was, the Three Churches and Six Sects, as well as certain other groups, were completely shocked, and looked over at the Fang Clan.

“Allheaven... Clan?”

Even as they looked over in astonishment, the enormous illusory net vanished, and Meng Hao shot up into the sky. His goal was clear; the shining yellow copper coin, which was now masterless, and slowly beginning to fall out of the sky.

He moved with incredible speed, and yet there were others in the crowd who also shot upward with lightning quickness. There were nine of them, all of whom headed directly toward the copper coin!

But then, six of those people suddenly changed directions and headed toward Meng Hao instead of the copper coin, apparently with the intention of blocking his path.

The other three pushed even faster toward the copper coin.

Fang Xiufeng’s face was calm. Next to him were Fang Shoudao and Fang Yanxu, neither...

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