Chapter 1190: Grand Ceremony in the Fang Clan!

Chapter 1190: Grand Ceremony in the Fang Clan!

The Fang Clan was one of the Four Great Clans of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. In the past, they had struggled with Ji Tian for Lordship over the entire Mountain and Sea. If you added in the events of the battle of Planet East Victory in which the first generation Patriarch exploded out with power, it truly showed that the clan was as strong as ever, despite the loss of blood and wealth due to the internal strife which had struck them.

Although there would always be some suspicion that the clan was much weaker than they let on, given some time, they would surely be even more powerful than before.

Then there was Meng Hao’s status as an Echelon cultivator. The news of that had already begun to spread. Coupled with the fact that he was strong enough to sweep over all the other Chosen, it ensured that the Fang Clan was clearly poised on the verge of having even greater influence.

Everyone knew that the Fang Clan had the first generation Patriarch, two Dao Realm experts, and the most powerful Chosen in the Ninth Mountain and Sea. When a clan like that held a ceremony to appoint its Clan Chief, it can easily be imagined how much of a commotion it caused.

Because Fang Xiufeng had successfully stepped into the Dao Realm, the Fang Clan’s overall power was now one step higher. Aside from the Three Great Daoist...

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