Chapter 1188: South Heaven Death Formation!

Chapter 1188: South Heaven Death Formation!

As soon as the spell formation appeared, it covered all of Planet South Heaven. At the same time, Meng Hao, Fang Shoudao, and Fang Yanxu... and all other cultivators, felt an intense, explosive burst of killing intent.

It was like a terrifying divine sense that swept across the lands, covering Planet South Heaven. Meng Hao's face fell as he sensed the horrifying power, and realized that it was something he couldn't possibly fight back against. If that power wanted to exterminate something, it could be exterminated in the blink of an eye!

Fang Shoudao’s face went pale, and Fang Yanxu started trembling. Meng Li’s face fell, as did Fang Yu’s.

“That’s the Death Formation of Planet South Heaven!!”

“Dammit, obviously the spell formation doesn't approve of Xiufeng stepping into the Dao, otherwise it wouldn’t have activated!!”

“It's going to wipe Xiufeng out!!”


Heaven and Earth shook as an incredibly powerful force sprang into being, pushing everyone away from Fang Xiufeng. Nobody could resist it, not even Meng Hao, who was inexorably pushed away until Fang Xiufeng stood completely alone.

It happened...

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