Chapter 1187: Father Achieves the Dao!


Before Fang Xiufeng could complete his ninth step, cracks spread out across his body. At the same time, something enormous was happening in the Mountain and Sea Realm that nobody on Planet South Heaven knew anything about!

That matter would determine whether or not Fang Xiufeng stepped into the Dao. It was a secret, an enigmatic event that very few people in the entire Mountain and Sea Realm were aware of!

The only people who did know were the ones at the utmost peak of power. In fact... they were the people who actually controlled the Mountain and Sea Realm!

Before the Lord of the Mountain and Sea Realm appeared, they… were essentially the collective Lord of the Mountain and Sea Realm. They were... the Mountain and Sea Lords of the various Mountains and Seas!

Currently, the voice that echoed out through the Mountain and Sea Realm filled the minds of those Lords!

It was a cold voice, devoid of any emotion. It didn’t matter how far apart those nine people were, separated by the Mountains and Seas, they all could hear it.

“Citing the laws of the Mountain and Sea Realm, the Lord of the Ninth Mountain and Sea has requested that the Allheaven...

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