Chapter 1184: Dao Tribulation!

Chapter 1184: Dao Tribulation!

In almost the same moment that Fang Xiufeng’s cultivation base exploded with power, the blood-colored sky overhead was ripped apart by seemingly invisible hands to reveal a starry sky.

Simultaneously, a huge vortex appeared up above, whose rotation caused the entire blood-colored world to distort as the power of the Dao Realm... descended to Planet South Heaven!

All of Planet South Heaven rumbled, and countless cultivators looked up into the sky with expressions of astonishment. What they saw was the sky distorting as a shocking vortex appeared. Its rotation caused innumerable motes of dust to float up into the air, and even the Milky Way Sea began to seethe.

Everyone from the Fang Clan sat cross-legged, expressions of anticipation on their faces as they looked up. They were filled with excitement, as they all knew that their Clan Chief Fang Xiufeng was currently transcending tribulation to step into the Dao!

Meng Hao’s mother and sister were in the Fang Clan ancestral mansion, along with Sun Hai and many others. They were nervous, and Meng Li was even clutching tightly at her garments, shivering slightly as her...

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