Chapter 1182: Great Tang; Allheaven!

Chapter 1182: Great Tang; Allheaven!

"Dad...." Meng Hao said, looking back at Fang Xiufeng. He was actually far more worried than Fang Xiufeng was.

“There’s no need to worry. With Patriarchs Shoudao and Yanxu helping, then if I fail, then I guess all my years of cultivation have been a foolish waste!” Fang Xiufeng laughed heartily, but then his expression turned serious. “I'm a cultivator, and my life... has been focused on eventually stepping into the Dao!

“From the Spirit Realm to the Immortal. From the Immortal Realm to the Ancient. From the Ancient Realm to the Dao. The further along you get, the less likely you are to succeed. However, that shouldn't be a reason to avoid the danger, nor an excuse to not take that final step!

“I have transcended the tribulations of Ancient Realm Soul Lamp extinguishing, one by one. What does this trifling Dao Stepping Tribulation count for? If I really fail, then at least I’ll have a hundred years of longevity left that I can use to protect you and your sister. My only regret... will be that I will not be able to abide by my agreement to stand guard for 100,000 years!” With that, no further trace of anxiety regarding stepping into the Dao could be seen on Fang Xiufeng.

He could have chosen to be like Guru Heavencloud, to hold back from stepping into the Dao. He could have...

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