Chapter 1181: Your Words are Meaningless!

Chapter 1181: Your Words are Meaningless!

“Exalted Dao Fang, save me!!” the giant roared in terror, its heart pounding as it stared at the descending blade.

In the moment it called out, the ash that was the remnants of the magical symbols suddenly formed back together, turning into the same monkey face which had appeared on the chestplate of the armor earlier. Its eyes shone with a strange light as it stared at Meng Hao. Then it spoke in a sinister voice: “Reincarnation of Heaven and Earth. Heed me, thou shalt slay him not!”

As the voice echoed out, Meng Hao’s Battle Weapon landed on the giant’s neck. What was destroyed was not just the neck, though, but the entire giant. An indescribable force slashed into it, completely crushing and shattering it!

However, in response to the monkey’s voice, the giant suddenly burned with powerful life force, a life force that seemed impossible for Heaven and Earth to destroy!

Rumbling could be heard as it began to recover from its state of destruction. From the look of it, the power of extermination unleashed by Meng Hao and his Battle...

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