Chapter 1179: The Curse of Dao Fang!

Chapter 1179: The Curse of Dao Fang!

Without the sea of flames covering it, the black city was now much more clearly visible. White vegetation still clung to the walls, and there was still a palace in the middle.

At first, it didn't look much different than the first time he had laid eyes on it.

Meng Hao frowned as he examined it more closely. Then his eyes widened as he realized that something had changed. The pile of human skin which had been draped on the huge throne...

was now gone!

Meng Hao’s eyes shone with a cold light, and he sent his divine sense out in all directions, backed by the power of an Allheaven Dao Immortal. Soon, his frown deepened as he realized that there weren’t any clues to be found about what had happened.

The sense of crisis still existed within him, and was growing stronger. He even had the sensation that someone was watching him.

“The curse of Dao Fang....” He thought back to what the guardian had said before dying. Now that he thought about it, he had met Dao Fang. Although he hadn’t seen what he looked like, when he experienced that mental journey out into the void...

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