Chapter 1177: True Dao Immortal!

Chapter 1177: True Dao Immortal!

“Allheaven Dao Immortal!!

“Impossible!” the guardian said hoarsely. “How could there still be an Allheaven Dao Immortal in the Mountain and Sea Realm? Impossible!!” He hadn’t paid any attention to Meng Hao’s azure glow before. After all, there were many Daoist magics and defensive magical items that could cast off green or azure glows. It wouldn’t be realistic to think of Allheaven Immortals every time such a light appeared.

From what he could recall, Allheaven Dao Immortals were the stuff of legend, and only almighty figures could be counted among their ranks. As a simple guard that had been conscripted into service here, Allheaven Dao Immortals were the type of existence that was far above and beyond his station.

If Meng Hao weren’t currently engulfed in the sea of flames, shining with an azure light that outshone the Divine Flame, thus provoking a close inspection by the guardian, then he would never have recognized that it was the light of an Allheaven Dao Immortal.

A cold gleam flickered...

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