Chapter 1161: The Old Fox

Chapter 1161: The Old Fox

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever. He ceased any pursuit of Guru Heavencloud, and looked extremely innocent and charming as he clasped hands and bowed to Patriarch Fang Shoudao.

“Junior offers greetings, Patriarch,” he said, clearing his throat, as if he wasn’t the instigator of the current predicament, and was very curious to see how Fang Shoudao would resolve the situation.

What he actually wanted to know, though was... exactly how important he was to the Fang Clan, and to Fang Shoudao.

He wanted to know if the title of Crown Prince... was actually worth something! Perhaps it was just a title, and wasn’t worth anything. Meng Hao’s attitude would be dependent on how the question was answered.

If the Fang Clan handled the situation with no regard for him, then he would simply attack. He would show the Fang Clan the true meaning of what an Allheaven Clan Patriarch was!

Fang Shoudao sent a vicious glare in Meng Hao’s direction, but then, a moment later, his eyes widened almost imperceptibly. Behind him were five or six clan Elders, including the Grand Elder Fang Tongtian, all of whom heard Guru Heavencloud’s enraged words as they walked out of the teleportation portal.

Once again, Guru Heavencloud said, “Senior Shoudao, please take the lead in presiding over jus...

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