Chapter 1156: Blood-stained Jade Medallion!

Chapter 1156: Blood-stained Jade Medallion!

The old man was somewhat conflicted. On the one hand, he felt deeply greedy, but on the other hand, Meng Hao’s background caused him to waver and suppress that greed to a certain degree. After vacillating for a moment, his eyes suddenly glittered, and he looked outside the building.

Currently, a red-robed cultivator was out there, bowing deeply with clasped hands.

“Patriarch, the mark is currently on his way to an auction. It seems he plans to participate.”

The old man’s eyes flickered with determination, and he shot to his feet. He then strode out of the building and headed in the direction of the auction, flanked by four red-robed cultivators. All of them had fierce expressions and radiated killing intent.

“It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, if you have less than 1,000,000 Immortal jades, I’ll leave you alone. Until I know more about your background, I won’t touch you....” Having made his decision to go observe Meng Hao a bit further, the old man’s eyes flashed.

Just as the red-robed cultivators had said, Meng Hao had finished his shopping spree in the shops and vendor stalls, and was now in the main auction house in the middle of the bazaar. He stood off...

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