Chapter 1155: Mr. Moneybags!

Chapter 1155: Mr. Moneybags!

“Fellow Daoist, w-what did you just say?” The young woman’s eyes went wide, and her heart began to thump with disbelief.

“I said those are the seven I DON’T want. The rest, I’ll take.” Meng Hao remained as cool as ever, but when he saw the look on the young woman’s face, a feeling rose up in his heart that he had never felt before. He thought back to one time in Yunjie County when he had happened to walk by a shop and catch sight of Steward Zhou buying things in just the same way he was doing right now.

The expression on that salesperson's face, and his tone of voice, was exactly the same as this young woman’s right now.

She was panting, and even felt a bit dizzy. Throughout all the years she had worked at his place, she had seen many, many types of cultivators. However, this was the first time she had encountered anyone like Meng Hao.

“S-Senior... not including those seven, there are a total of 124 magical items on display.” Without even thinking about it, she began to explain further. “If you bought them with spirit stones, it would cost at least 40,000,000.... That would be about 4,000 in Immortal jade....”

Meng Hao lifted his chin...

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