Chapter 1153: Too Kind-Hearted, Too Honest!

Chapter 1153: Too Kind-Hearted, Too Honest!

The Ruins of Immortality were crumbled remnants of the Immortal World. They were a place that even ordinary Dao Realm experts couldn’t make budge, let alone carve up to take away as a keepsake. All they could do would be to look at the ruins floating there for all eternity.

Only powerful experts like the Lords of the Nine Mountains and Seas might be qualified to take a chunk of the Ruins of Immortality. For example, the first generation Patriarch of the Fang Clan had taken a piece of the Ruins of Immortality to house his mausoleum.

When Meng Hao saw a 30,000-meter chunk of the Ruins of Immortality floating his way, his heart began to palpitate with eagerness, and his throat went bone dry. This piece wasn't as big as the one taken by the first generation Patriarch, but it was still about thirty percent as large, which was huge.

Forgetting anything else about it, the sheer size was such that, if you used it to crush someone, the effect would be monumentally shocking.

“What a treasure!” Meng Hao immediately stretched out his hand to grab it.

In almost the exact same moment, as the chunk of the Ruins of Immortality flew toward him through the void, causing everything to...

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