Chapter 1151: Questioning Sea Dream! (Teaser)


The Windswept Realm was gone, no longer a part of the Mountain and Sea Realm. It had departed for all eternity!

Meng Hao looked out into the void, and a profound gleam gradually rose up in his eyes. Then he turned his head as Paragon Sea Dream’s convergence light pulled him over to the rest of the group, which was congregated outside of her Immortal’s cave.

No one spoke to each other. They watched the Windswept Realm vanish, and then looked on as the void returned to its placid, normal state. There was not a calm heart to be found in the entire lot. Everything that had happened in connection to the Windswept Realm had left deep impressions on them.

They had started out fighting and killing each other, and had ended up working together. When they thought back to everything they had experienced, they sighed ruefully.

Thinking back, their so-called enmities and grudges from before now seemed insignificant.

Lin Cong felt that way, as did Han Qinglei. Even Dao-Heaven felt exactly the same.

As for Yuwen Jian, he had originally come to hate Dao-Heaven because of the death of Hong Bin. However, after seeing Hong Bin’s soul, he understood that Hong Bin’s true killer was the Emperor.

They stood there thoughtfully, the events...

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