Chapter 1145: When There’s Tasty Bait, the Fishes Bite!

Chapter 1145: When There’s Tasty Bait, the Fishes Bite!

As Meng Hao and Zong Wuya fought, the Windswept Realm continued to rise up through the void, getting ever closer to that invisible border.

The depression in the huge net grew more and more obvious; it was as if some huge, invisible hand were pushing hard into the net. In the deepest recesses of the depression, lightning crackled back and forth with increasing intensity.

Further off in the distance, the battle between the Windswept Imperial Lord and Paragon Sea Dream seemed to be heading toward a critical juncture. Sea Dream was a Paragon of past times, and had long ago sustained injuries which still hadn’t recovered, but was no pushover when going up against the Windswept Imperial Lord. In fact, the Windswept Imperial Lord’s defenses were slowly starting to crumble.

Paragon Sea Dream’s attacks caused the void to vibrate, and caused the figures behind the huge net to view the situation soberly.

“1,500,000 meters still left to go....” a voice said, murky and archaic. Currently, the Windswept Realm was moving 30,000 meters in every breath of time. It rumbled up...

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