Chapter 1144: Zong Wuya Makes a Move!

Chapter 1144: Zong Wuya Makes a Move!

A single Mountain and Sea Realm cultivator turned out to be insufficient to completely restore Dao-Heaven’s arm. Without pausing, he appeared in front of another cultivator; this time, his right hand shot out instead of his left, and the mass of mangled flesh and blood that was his right arm stabbed forcefully into the cultivator's chest. A miserable shriek echoed out as the man's body was almost instantly withered up. All of the power of his life force was then absorbed hungrily by Dao-Heaven’s right arm.

As that was happening, Meng Hao flashed through the air toward Dao-Heaven, closing in on him rapidly. Dao-Heaven’s face twisted with ferocity as he flailed his right arm, sending the shriveled cultivator flying toward Meng Hao.

As for Dao-Heaven, he immediately fell back, this time heading toward Fan Dong’er.

Meng Hao immediately frowned. Regardless of the history between himself and Fan Dong’er, she was from the Ninth Mountain and Sea, just like he was. He extended his right hand, within which appeared the Lightning Cauldron. Rumbling could be heard as he suddenly switched places with her.

Dao-Heaven’s face flickered in response, and his right hand rose up. As black...

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