Chapter 1142: Who Requested My Presence?!

Chapter 1142: Who Requested My Presence?!

Meng Hao was not so full of himself that he would think that, considering the current level of his cultivation base, he would be able to force this terrifying painting into retreat.

Of all the magical techniques Meng Hao had seen in his entire life, this scroll painting was by far the absolutely most terrifying. That was especially true of the figure inside the painting, who abounded with a murderous aura, almost as if he... were the source of all the murderous auras in Heaven and Earth.

Meng Hao wasn't sure how many people would need to be slaughtered, nor how many years it would take, to build up a murderous aura like that. Furthermore, it was merely an image in a painting, not the actual person it depicted. And yet, it seemed as if by simply unleashing that murderous aura, he could annihilate the entire Mountain and Sea Realm with little difficulty.

Perhaps the only type of person who could actually battle the person in this painting... would be an almighty figure like a Paragon.

In other words, the black-robed man in the painting... was also a Paragon!

At least, that was Meng Hao’s conclusion. Furthermore, whoever it was that painted this Paragon was obviously a powerful person...

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