Chapter 1131: Xue’er!


Meng Hao’s mind seemed to be reeling. Zong Wuya’s voice apparently contained some sort of bizarre power, something that could interfere with Meng Hao’s mental faculties, leaving him panting. Zong Wuya’s words were mesmerizing, and he seemed powerless to extricate himself.

“The true Dao....” he murmured, his expression blank. He seemed to be at a complete loss, as if he had lost all powers of reasoning and judgement. It was as if one part of him was filled with everything he knew about the Mountain and Sea Realm, while at the same time, everything he believed had been turned on end by Zong Wuya.

Two trains of thought seemed to run through his mind, and they were currently battling back and forth.

Meng Hao trembled, panting, his eyes shot with blood.

"Come with me," Zong Wuya said. "Our plan is already underway, and nobody can stop us.... Come with me, and we can go to the true world. With new fleshly bodies, we can thoroughly awaken.

“Then you will understand that everything I've told you... is true. Then you will truly be able to feel... the existence of the true Dao.”

Although some people could see Meng Hao and Zong Wuya chatting, no one could hear the words being spoken. Zong Wuya had ensured that all the sound was blocked.

It was at this point that a large group of...

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