Chapter 1121: The Most Powerful State!

Chapter 1121: The Most Powerful State!

Dao-Heaven had a sudden, intense premonition that if he didn’t do something to stop Meng Hao’s aura from rising up explosively, then he could very well end up in the middle of a deadly catastrophe.

“Dammit, how could this Meng Hao be so strong!?!?” It was extremely rare for Dao-Heaven to encounter anyone who caused him to think in this way.

“Screw off!” Dao-Heaven managed to shove Yuwen Jian back, and then stepped forward amidst rumbling booms. Yuwen Jian was no match for him; even with the battle-ax, he was still forced into constant retreat. However, he didn't shirk from fighting. Roaring, he unleashed the full might of his body cultivation power, fighting fiercely with Dao-Heaven to buy time for Meng Hao.

Meng Hao shook as he reached a height of 72 meters. All of his Immortal meridians were now fused into one, and he was surrounded by brilliant azure light.

Unfortunately, he was now distinctly aware of the fact that he couldn't actually fight while powering up. He wanted to, but was incapable. This was his first time absorbing the Nirvana Fruit and reaching the Allheaven Immortal stage during...

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