Chapter 1114: Thou Shalt Call Me... Dao Fang!

Chapter 1114: Thou Shalt Call Me... Dao Fang!

As Meng Hao’s voice reached his ears and echoed about, Hai Qingdong felt a hand pat down onto the top of his head....


Hai Qingdong’s eyes went wide as the skin on his head ripped and tore. In the blink of an eye, his entire body collapsed into pieces.

In that moment, all traces of Hai Qingdong existing in the world vanished. The teleportation portal winked out.

Having been killed a third time in a row by Meng Hao, he was now truly and utterly dead!

In the moment of his death, as the blood and gore drifted about, his Echelon mark began to glow softly, and then floated toward Meng Hao.

“Can't believe a word that Yuwen Jian says!” he thought. “Earlier he told me that he had killed Hai Qingdong once before. From the look of things, that was complete nonsense!” That notion had occurred to him earlier when he killed Hai Qingdong for the second time. Now, he gave a cold harrumph as he reached out and grabbed the Echelon mark.

The mark instantly fused into Meng Hao, causing an intense, stabbing pain in his forehead. Now a more complicated mark had appeared on his forehead, and if you looked closely, you...

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