Chapter 1109: The Echelon War Truly Begins!

Chapter 1109: The Echelon War Truly Begins!

As the Nirvana Fruit sank down, the shield surrounding Mount Whiteseal faded away, but the light shining off of Meng Hao grew stronger. He took a deep breath and then stepped off of the mountain and into the air.

The wind battered him, and although his hair whipped about, not a bit of his aura could be blown away. It was as if the energy belonging to Meng Hao couldn’t be touched at all by the wind, but rather, influenced the entire world around him.

“I've already gained complete enlightenment of three World Seals. If I want to completely absorb the Nirvana Fruit... I’ll need more sealing marks!” Meng Hao’s energy rocketed up, and he overflowed with the desire to fight. His eyes flashed like lightning as he shot off into the distance.

As he left the Ninth Nation, his goal was to slaughter his way into other nations... to defeat their Echelon cultivators and steal their sealing marks!

He would take advantage of this opportunity in the Windswept Realm to seize... his greatest available good fortune, which was to become an...

Allheaven Immortal!

He would become number one in the Echelon!


He turned into a streak of bright light that sped through the sky...

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