Chapter 1106: Slaughtering Into the Fourth Nation!

Chapter 1106: Slaughtering Into the Fourth Nation!

In the moment that the instability of Meng Hao’s divine ability caused the enormous foot to grind to a momentary halt, Lin Cong’s head finally got its opportunity to flee. The golden vortex covered his head, then began to spin rapidly. Finally, Lin Cong’s head vanished.

The vortex then transformed into countless motes of golden dust, which then vanished as well.

Meng Hao’s face darkened as he looked at the spot where Lin Cong had vanished. His mind was still being battered by waves of astonishment. Xu Qing’s place in his heart was something that he didn't allow anyone to touch; it was his weak spot.

Xu Qing was his wife, to whom he had sworn his vows in front of Heaven and Earth. He had watched her beauty fade as he held her in his arms, looked on as her soul entered the Underworld River. They had agreed...

To meet again after she was reincarnated.

Meng Hao could never have predicted that he would hear Xu Qing’s name come out of Lin Cong’s mouth in this place. It was...

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