Chapter 1104: Killing You... Will Only Take Seven Steps!

Chapter 1104: Killing You... Will Only Take Seven Steps!

Han Qinglei stood there silently, sighing inwardly. Once again, the desire to fight burned in his eyes.

He kept telling himself that he was in the Echelon, a Chosen among blazing suns. He could accept being defeated in battle, but he couldn't accept being humiliated!

From the moment he had entered the Eighth Nation, he had parted ways with his clone, using it to distract Meng Hao so that his true form would be able to evade detection. Then he had used a secret magic to stifle his aura and escape to this place.

Without the clone to distract Meng Hao, his secret magic alone would not have been enough to escape undetected. One of the unique aspects of this technique was that the longer he used it, the more difficult it would be to see through it.

What he had needed was time, which was why he had sent his clone to take his place.

“Lin Cong is the second most powerful among the Echelon, and I'm no match for him. Meng Hao might have been able to beat me, but to defeat Lin Cong... will be extremely difficult!

“Seven current members of the Echelon stepped into the Ancient Realm in the past, but after realizing that their paths...

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