Chapter 1098: Blades Clash!

Chapter 1098: Blades Clash!

The parrot was infuriated. It didn't have too many feathers to begin with, and it believed every single one of them to be very precious. They might all be different colors, but that didn't make them any less valuable. Together, they represented the parrot's ability to attract other luxuriantly furred and feathered beasts.

But now some of those feathers had been knocked off, which to the parrot, was the same as being disfigured!

It was sure that lacking those feathers would result in the scorn and mockery of any furred or feathered beasts it met in the future. Therefore, its rage surged into the Heavens.

In response to its roar, Han Qinglei frowned, but didn't pause for a moment in his charge toward Meng Hao. However, all of a sudden, numerous black beams of light shot out behind the parrot. In the blink of an eye, a large group of Demonic cultivators had appeared.

These Demonic cultivators were not in human form. Instead, they looked like an assortment of seafood. There were shells, shrimp, crabs, a sea turtle....

“It’s time to sing for Lord Fifth!” the parrot squawked. “This bastard dared to ruin some of my feathers....

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