Chapter 1097: Valiant!

Chapter 1097: Valiant!

Han Qinglei, Echelon cultivator from the Eighth Mountain, was so powerful that Fan Dong’er and Bei Yu were both completely shaken. To them, any person who could rock the Ancient Realm while being in the Immortal Realm well-deserved to be referred to as a blazing sun.

As far as Fan Dong’er was concerned, Meng Hao was actually more powerful than those blazing suns. But now that she had met Han Qinglei, she had to admit that he was terrifyingly powerful.

The sensation she had experienced when fighting Meng Hao had now appeared for a second time.

“Are Echelon cultivators powerful... because they’re in the Echelon, or is it... their power that earns them a place there!?” Fan Dong’er couldn't quite accept it. She was the Divine Daughter of the Nine Seas God World and before meeting Meng Hao, she had viewed herself as being above all others, the center of all attention. However, Meng Hao’s appearance on the scene had changed everything.

Even now, she could remember the first time she had met Meng Hao back on Planet South Heaven. Back then, he hadn’t been as terrifying as he was now. Furthermore, the speed with which he had risen to prominence made the entire...

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