Chapter 1093: His Name Shakes the Echelon!

Chapter 1093: His Name Shakes the Echelon!

Atop the snow-capped mountain peak, a frigid wind blew snowflakes onto Meng Hao’s head. They quickly melted, taking with them some of the warmth inside of him. The resulting sensation was one of icy coldness.

The coldness caused Meng Hao’s somewhat blank eyes to suddenly clear. As he regained his senses, the incredible transformations to the lands of the Ninth Nation ceased.

“The world has invisible natural laws….” he murmured.

“On top of natural law is the omnipresent power of Essence.... Understanding something’s intrinsic qualities, and seeing its true origin, knowing EVERYTHING about it... that is its Essence.” Although his journey from the bottom of the mountain to the top had seemed to go quickly, it truth, it had taken quite a bit of time.

That contradiction actually led him to significant enlightenment regarding Mount Whiteseal and the Ninth Nation. However, he still felt as if there were some areas he hadn't been able to probe. There was something about this mountain, this nation, and even this Realm, that was... incongruous.

It was as if there was a power of rejection, a power that, despite Meng Hao’s observations of natural laws and Essence during his trip up the mountain, ensured...

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