Chapter 1091: The Scheming of Jian Daozi

Chapter 1091: The Scheming of Jian Daozi

The world rumbled, colors flashed in the sky, and the wind screamed.... At the same time, the Echelon members in each of the Nine Nations sent their energy surging, something... that no one but they themselves could sense.

However, everyone on the altars in the various Nine Nations were clearly able to tell that the air of war had filled the world!

Declarations had been made, indicating that the Echelon battles were beginning!

This place... was the long-awaited battlefield for the Echelon. Everyone else would be relegated to mere supporting roles!

Although nobody wanted to admit it, Fan Dong’er, Bei Yu and the other cultivators knew so. They stood there silently, looking at Meng Hao standing at the edge of the altar, radiating an unmatchable energy as he looked around at the people prostrating themselves down below.

All of a sudden they understood that this place... belonged to the Echelon!

If the options were to be either a bright flower or a dark, faded leaf, fate had given them no choice in the matter, and had relegated them all to be nothing more than leaves....

Fan Dong’er’s eyes glittered with an unyielding light. Bei Yu had a similar reaction. She was a woman with the same position as the sect's...

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