Chapter 1085: Arriving in the Windswept Realm! (Teaser)

Chapter 1085: Arriving in the Windswept Realm!


Booms like thunder filled the Ninth Sea, echoing out powerfully in all directions. The waters boiled and roared, almost as if an awakening giant were about to burst out from under the surface!

That giant... was none other than the Nine Seas God World! It rose up, 300 meters, then 3,000 meters... in the space of a few breaths, massive rumbling filled the entire Ninth Sea as a huge land mass flew up into the air!

From a distance, it looked like a gigantic island, with seven beams of light shooting up from it. The light flew up into the starry sky, causing the rift up above to grow larger and larger.

At the same time, Fan Dong’er appeared near Meng Hao on the same mountain. She was also looking up into the sky, her expression that of nervousness... and excitement!

In addition to Fan Dong’er, there were three others, two men and a woman. They looked familiar to Meng Hao, and he quickly placed them as other Chosen disciples of the Nine Seas God World.

All of them were waiting with keen anticipation.

On the other side of the mountain, more figures appeared in quick succession. Bei Yu was one of them. She stepped out slowly, flanked by three other Demonic cultivators. All of them had profound cultivation bases. One of them, Meng Hao recognized;...

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