Chapter 1084: The Path to the Windswept Realm!

Chapter 1084: The Path to the Windswept Realm!

Chu Yuyan trembled and took a deep breath. Then she turned slowly to look at Meng Hao and, summoning all the energy she could muster, said: “Let. Go. Of. Me!”

He frowned.

“What, can’t keep your hands off me?” she asked derisively. “Just like that year in the volcano?”

“You're very weak right now,” he replied calmly, releasing her arm. “Don't be so anxious to leave.”

“Thank you for saving me,” she said, her voice even weaker than before. “As for getting kidnapped, you don't need to feel guilty about that. It’s not like you did it personally.” She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and then slowly edged forward, keeping her hand planted firmly on the wall to support herself.

Meng Hao did nothing to stop her.

Just when she was almost at the exit, her weakness overwhelmed her. Her vision swam, and she lapsed into unconsciousness.

Meng Hao sighed, stepping forward and grabbing her before she could fall. He then laid her down on the ground and sat cross-legged off to the side, his expression complex.

The Immortal’s cave was very quiet, which allowed Meng Hao to do a lot of thinking. One...

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