Chapter 1083: Lord Fifth's Grand Ambition!

Chapter 1083: Lord Fifth's Grand Ambition!

For years in the Ninth Mountain and Sea’s Nine Seas God World, the most 1st place spots occupied by any one person was six. That person earned honor and glory that lasted for many years before fading. Even to this day, there was some trace of that glory left behind.

The single remaining trace was on the ranking list of the ninth golden gate stone stele. That person was the previous 1st place spot holder... Zong Wuya. A thousand years before, he had been the number one Chosen in the Nine Seas God World. Although he had become a legend, strangely, his name was not very well known in the outside world.

But now, Meng Hao had broken his record. He had eight 1st place spots, ensuring that everyone in the sect was shaken, from the cultivators watching everything that happened in person to those who were observing from afar in secluded meditation.

Conversations immediately broke out in the crowd.

“This makes me think of... Elder Brother Zong Wuya from all those years ago....”

“His performance was just as stunning and grand. So domineering....”

“Elder Brother Zong Wuya's achievements slowly faded away over a thousand years. As for Meng Hao’s achievements... I wonder how many thousands of years will have to pass before he is surpassed......

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