Chapter 1082: The Third Fist Strike!

Chapter 1082: The Third Fist Strike!

“First golden gate stone stele... 1st place....”

“I once heard that the absolute limit is more than 260,000 meters, but he... actually reached the sea floor! That’s a place that only truly powerful experts can see....” Murmurs of astonishment could be heard in the crowd. Fan Dong’er was in a daze, and Bei Yu was panting in astonishment.

261,429 meters!

The distance the land mass of the Nine Seas God World maintained from the bottom of the sea had always been a fixed number from ancient times until now. Furthermore, no one whose name was recorded on the first golden gate stone stele had ever reached that depth.

The rankings only contained names of Ancient Realm experts with five or less extinguished Soul Lamps. Because of that rule, no one with that amount of Soul Lamps... had ever gone so deep.

It was a position that instantly put someone at the peak, in 1st place, even if they only managed to stay there for an instant. Not even Demonic cultivators who were born in the Ninth Sea could go down so far.

The crowds outside of the first golden gate stone stele burst into a commotion. Cries of shock rang out, and the...

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