Chapter 1081: Summoning Soul Lamps, Stepping Into the Ancient Realm!

Chapter 1081: Summoning Soul Lamps, Stepping Into the Ancient Realm!

The crimson Door of the Ancient Realm let out an intense rumble as it opened. Then, a wind sprang up, which swept over Meng Hao, causing his life force and his soul to hover on the verge of extermination.

In the face of such danger, Meng Hao let out a hoarse shout. At the same time, his heart started to beat rapidly, and shocking fleshly body power transformed into a surge of qi that fought back against the Realmwind!

The cultivators of the Nine Seas God World who hovered above the surface of the water were all watching as this happened.

After the wind passed, shockingly, something else appeared within the crimson Door of the Ancient Realm. That was... a bell!

“The Bell of the Ancient Realm!!”

“The Bell of the Ancient Realm has appeared! When you ring that bell, you can ignite Soul Lamps. However many times you ring the bell, that’s how many Soul Lamps you can ignite!”

“Generally speaking, it's one Soul Lamp for every five Immortal meridians that you have!!”

“This Meng Hao... he has 123 Immortal meridians. He... he can ignite more than twenty Soul Lamps?”

“The more Soul Lamps you have, the more difficult the Ancient Realm will be for you....

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