Chapter 1076: Blind!

Chapter 1076: Blind!

Everything was completely and utterly silent. The reek of blood spread out, and the ground was covered in pools of blood.... Dead bodies could be seen everywhere, the corpses of those who had refused be slain by fellow sect disciples, and had instead ended their own lives.

They demonstrated their sincerity by sacrificing their own lives!

Some had fled, but were cut down in the process.

Finally, a sigh could be heard from the mouths of one of the three figures up ahead.

“Elder Brother Li, you are also a fiendish Devil!” Suddenly, two of the three figures joined forces to attack the third. Immediately Essence aura erupted out from all of them.

Shockingly, all three of them were Dao Realm experts.

The third of the group now wore a bitter and complex expression. He offered no explanation, but instead, merely sighed and began to fight. Booms echoed out as he fell back, slowly approaching the crowd of people within which Meng Hao stood.

He looked up at the other two who were attacking him, and sighed again.

“You really think the Devils infiltrated us...? Well, there’s no need for pointless...

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