Chapter 1072: The Disgrace of the Body Cultivation World!

Chapter 1072: The Disgrace of the Body Cultivation World!

The burly Demonic cultivator was virtually scared witless. After having been captured by Meng Hao, he was somehow rendered completely powerless, and then placed firmly in front of Meng Hao as he charged the gigantic sea crab.

Without even thinking about it, the man began to curse: “Have you no face at all!? You're the disgrace of the body cultivation world! You're shameless!!”

Meng Hao ignored him completely, and in fact began to charge forward even faster. The eight Sea Dragons growing out of the sea crab’s back roared as they unleashed countless magical techniques. However, all he had to do in response was wave the burly Demonic cultivator, using him as a shield to block all of the magical techniques.

Miserable shrieks could be heard. The burly man trembled, and his back was already lacerated and bleeding. He stared at Meng Hao, terrified, and continued to curse:

“You’re gonna die a horrible death! Dammit! There’s nobody more shameless than you!!

“Fudge! What did I ever do to you, huh? I declared a fair and open duel with you and then you tried to pull a fast one on me! That wasn’t a magical technique that I used,...

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