Chapter 1072: The Disgrace of the Body Cultivation World!

Chapter 1072: The Disgrace of the Body Cultivation World!

The burly Demonic cultivator was virtually scared witless. After having been captured by Meng Hao, he was somehow rendered completely powerless, and then placed firmly in front of Meng Hao as he charged the gigantic sea crab.

Without even thinking about it, the man began to curse: “Have you no face at all!? You're the disgrace of the body cultivation world! You're shameless!!”

Meng Hao ignored him completely, and in fact began to charge forward even faster. The eight Sea Dragons growing out of the sea crab’s back roared as they unleashed countless magical techniques. However, all he had to do in response was wave the burly Demonic cultivator, using him as a shield to block all of the magical techniques.

Miserable shrieks could be heard. The burly man trembled, and his back was already lacerated and bleeding. He stared at Meng Hao, terrified, and continued to curse:

“You’re gonna die a horrible death! Dammit! There’s nobody more shameless than you!!

“Fudge! What did I ever do to you, huh? I declared a fair and open duel with you and then you tried to pull a fast one on me! That wasn’t a magical technique that I used, it was a reminder to you that it’s improper for us body cultivators to use magic!”

It was at that point that Meng Hao shifted the burly Demonic cultivator’s position to intercept a beam of light that then slammed into the man’s back. He let out a miserable shriek, and a tremor ran through him as blood spurted out from wounds all over his body.

“I beg of you! Release me! I really can't handle this....” the burly man wailed. The fact that this was the first Demonic cultivator he had come across that immediately resorted to begging caused Meng Hao to stare in shock.

“Request denied,” Meng Hao replied, shaking his head. He simply wasn't willing to part with such an excellent living shield. Tightening his grip on the burly man, he charged forward. As he closed in on the sea crab, divine abilities and magical techniques glittered in the form of numerous pillars of light that then merged together in a vicious attack.

Instantly, the entire battlefield was filled with the miserable cries of the burly Demonic cultivator. He had never experienced such intolerable pain. The sense of grave crisis that filled him left him convinced that if things kept going on this way, he would be killed.

“Please, I beg you, don’t be like this! Look, we’re both body cultivators, obviously we’re connected by destiny! Let me go, okay!? I guarantee that I’ll leave immediately. I promise....” As the body cultivator spoke, his voice grew weaker and weaker. The flame of his life force was clearly growing dim, as if he were about to die.

Meng Hao stared in shock yet again. He was sure that the man couldn't possibly be this weak. Although he might be heading toward death, he was still quite a bit away. In fact, he was far enough away from dying that Meng Hao was fairly certain he would hold out until he could reach the sea crab.

His body flickered as he dodged a magical technique, resulting in him getting slightly closer to the burly Demonic cultivator. Suddenly, the burly man lifted his head up, opened his mouth wide, and chomped out viciously toward Meng Hao's neck.

Meng Hao twisted his hand, and the burly man screamed as Meng Hao twisted his neck to the point of breaking. A loud snapping sound could be heard as the man’s teeth chomped down onto thin air. Meng Hao’s eyes gleamed coldly as he swung the man around to absorb another round of magical techniques, before finally appearing in front of the sea crab. Then, he brandished the burly man like a weapon, using him to physically strike the sea crab.

A boom could be heard, and the sea crab shuddered. The burly Demonic cultivator screamed. In his mind, his body was on the verge of collapsing, and his soul was about to be shattered.

“I can’t handle it!” the man blurted out. “I implore you, I... I can even help you fight! Just give me some medicinal pills to recover, and then I can use my powerful frame to block even more magical techniques for you!”

Even as the words left his mouth, Meng Hao swung him again, slamming him into the sea crab. Boundless light shone off of the crab as countless divine abilities were unleashed. Meng Hao immediately lifted the burly man overhead to block them.

Simultaneously, one of the sea crab’s pincers whistled down in attack. Meng Hao just managed to avoid it, when the other pincer shot toward him.

Before Meng Hao could do anything, the burly body cultivator screamed miserably. He seemed to be more nervous than Meng Hao about everything that was happening.

“NO!!” He quickly bit his tongue and spit out some blood, which transformed into a blood shield that looked very much like the crystalline shell on his back. At the same time, the shell on his back expanded, covering his entire body.

Just as he finished doing these things, Meng Hao finished swinging him around to defend against the second pincer attack, which snapped down onto the burly man.

A boom could be heard, and blood sprayed out of the burly man’s mouth. He screamed, but it was weaker than before, almost as if he didn't have the breath to cry out.

“Save me...” he wept, “is there anyone... who can save me...? I... I'm still worth something....”

As soon as he heard the words, Meng Hao realized that they made sense. The burly man hadn't outlived his usefulness. He quickly waved his hand, causing several medicinal pills to fly out and enter the burly man’s mouth. As soon as they melted, the man’s body quivered.

In that moment in which hope shone in his heart, Meng Hao took a deep breath and then summoned all of the boundless qi and blood power he could summon. A huge wind kicked up as massive power rose up inside of him.

The burly Demonic cultivator started in shock, and then started screaming as Meng Hao lifted him high into the air. Then, Meng Hao used all the power he could muster to fling the burly man viciously toward the sea crab!

“Meng Hao, you Heaven-damned bastard! You're shameless! You're the disgrace of the body cultivation world! You deserve a horrible death!!” The burly man screamed as he turned into a shooting star. The power of his own body combined with Meng Hao’s power made him look like a long spear as he shot through the air and slammed into the sea crab.

If that were all there were to it, it probably wouldn't have counted as Meng Hao being very shameless. But next, Meng Hao shot along behind the burly man, hiding behind him as they headed toward the sea crab.

In the blink of an eye, the man was directly in front of the crab’s head. Glittering light shone, as if there were a shield in place, and yet it shattered, and the burly man pierced into the sea crab's body.

The spell formation that made up the sea crab shook as if it were destabilizing. Furthermore, Meng Hao followed the man as he stabbed into the sea crab. Electricity crackled around Meng Hao as he began switching places with and slaughtering the Demonic cultivators around him.

Cries of panic rang out from inside the sea crab. In the space of only about ten breaths, booms rang out, and the gigantic sea crab was more than half destroyed. Then, it exploded.

Hundreds of Demonic cultivators flew out, killing intent raging. They didn't retreat, but instead, charged Meng Hao. Meng Hao’s eyes flickered coldly, and he gave a cold snort as he waved his hand, causing Blood Demon heads to materialize and start slaughtering the Demonic cultivators.

Booms rang out, and blood rained down out of the sky.

Every time Meng Hao switched positions with the Lightning Cauldron, more Demonic cultivators would die. Their miserable shrieks of death gradually blended together into a cacophony that caused each and every one of the Demonic cultivators to begin trembling, no matter how enraged they were.

The eight Sea Dragon Demonic cultivators were the main targets in this assault. He managed to get his hands on one, then two, then three... He was like a deity of slaughter, and anyone who faced him was smashed as easily as rotting wood.

Finally, his right hand snaked out to latch onto the seventh Sea Dragon. He ripped its chest open and crushed its heart, then turned and looked over at the burly Demonic cultivator.

The man was severely injured, but he looked as maddened as ever. His eyes seemed to lack any fear of death, as if it didn't matter how powerful the opponent he faced was, he would still want to fight. Even if his body was crushed into a pulp, he would still fight!

“Kill him! We Demonic cultivators can be beheaded, and we can give up our lives, but we must kill him!

“Kill him! Brothers, rise up! Kill this man!!”

His enraged roaring rose up above the other shouts echoing out from among the crowds of Demonic cultivators as he ran along. He seemed to be on the verge of attacking Meng Hao, who snorted coldly and prepared to counterattack, but then suddenly gaped.

It was not very often that Meng Hao was shocked into motionlessness on the battlefield. However, as of this moment, he really was dumbfounded, and almost couldn't believe his eyes as he stared at the burly body cultivator.

The man continued to scream threats about being unafraid of death, and yet... he was actually not charging into battle. Instead, he was backing up.... Although he looked like he was running forward and he cried out loudly to attack, he actually started retreating at top speed....

It was something that, if you didn't look for closely, you wouldn't even notice....

A strange expression appeared on Meng Hao’s face. This shameless fellow was a character that, based on Meng Hao's experiences, was on the same level as the parrot and meat jelly.

He gave a meaningful look to the burly man, then looked away and waved his hand to summon hundreds of thousands of mountains. The sun and moon also appeared, exploding out with massive attacking power, killing anything they touched.

At long last, the Demonic cultivators started to show fear.

It was hard to say which among their trembling number was the first to flee. However, in almost a single moment, all of the Demonic cultivators dispersed in chaotic flight. The burly Demonic cultivator was among them. Although he continued to cry out furiously, he was actually running away faster than anyone else.

The expressions on the faces of the Demonic cultivators were no longer that of hatred, but rather, terror and despair.

“Patriarch, save me!!”

“Where are you, Patriarch! Where are the Ancient Realm Elders!?!?”

“The Demonic Cultivator Horde is facing catastrophe!!!”

“Why!? Why are we being slaughtered inside of our own sect!?!? Oh Patriarch, where are you!?!?”

The voices rang out, filled with grief and sorrow. The Demonic cultivators off in the distance were trembling, and didn't dare to get any closer. The ground was awash with blood and gore.

It was the blood of Demonic cultivators, representing their souls, and their hopelessness.

Almost as soon as the cries began to ring out, the final Sea Dragon could be seen speeding along among the hundreds of other Demonic cultivators.

“Dammit, this Meng Hao has something against us Sea Dragons!!” The fate of all the other Sea Dragons left him terrified and trembling as he fled. However, Meng Hao quickly teleported to his side, and then reached out. A bloody glow could be seen, and the Sea Dragon cultivator screamed as his body was ripped open. His heart flew out and was crushed by Meng Hao. When the white blood appeared, he packed it away, then turned and looked down toward three mountains which could be seen down below.

“Long Tianhai, are you gonna come out? Or am I gonna have to tear that mountain open to get you!?” When he spoke, his voice echoed like thunder.

The center mountain down below had an Immortal’s cave, within which, Long Tianhai sat trembling, terrified out of his mind.

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