Chapter 1071: Living Shield!

Chapter 1071: Living Shield!

Meng Hao sped through the Nine Seas God World. He didn’t lift a finger against the human cultivators, but he massacred the Demonic cultivators. Although he didn't necessarily recognize each and every one of them, overall, he knew who they were.

After all, in the short time he had been in the Nine Seas God World, every time he saw Demonic cultivators, they looked back at him with roiling killing intent. To him, it seemed as if the Demonic cultivators would instantly try to kill him if given the chance.

That was actually true. If it wasn’t for Ling Yunzi and the rest of his faction exerting pressure on the Demonic Cultivator Horde, any of its members would try to kill Meng Hao the instant they saw him!

It was a type of enmity that, in truth... could not be deemed as being in the wrong. And as for Meng Hao’s massacre of them in return... that was also impossible to judge as either correct or incorrect.

The crux of the matter was that they had different perspectives. Meng Hao knew that, and as such, he had originally chosen to avoid open conflict, even if they momentarily bared their fangs at him. That was all before they violated the biggest taboo in the world of cultivation.

Furthermore, he had spent most of his time in his Immortal’s cave, and any time he had emerged, he had simply ignored the murderous glares of the Demonic cultivators. He had done nothing to provoke them, and had actually felt a bit sorry about what had caused the whole situation. He even felt a bit irritated that the whole situation was beyond his control.

After all, what had happened back in the Milky Way Sea was fundamentally caused by the Resurrection Lily.

However, holding back had resulted in placing Chu Yuyan at death’s door, and had also put Chen Fan and Fatty in a position to be similarly harmed. That was something Meng Hao could not ignore!

Since he couldn't ignore it, then decided that he might as well attack with deadly force!

Since he decided to kill... then he would make a shocking display. He would turn the matter into a bloody lesson that would be firmly imprinted on the hearts of the Demonic Cultivator Horde.

Before, he had used words to send a clear message to them: Don't provoke me!

Now, he would use actions to tell them: Don't provoke me!


He waved his hand, and the long bone-tip spear appeared. With a sweeping motion, he caused a handful of incoming Demonic cultivators to explode into bits. They were killed in body and spirit, transformed into a cloud of blood. The reek of blood began to spread about as Meng Hao slaughtered his way forward like a deity of death!

Numerous human cultivators kept their distance, watching in shock, but doing nothing to interfere or to try to stop Meng Hao.

Currently, no Ancient Realm cultivators with five or more extinguished Soul Lamps were showing their faces in the Nine Seas God World. Virtually all of the Demonic cultivators Meng Hao ran into were in the Immortal Realm. Only a few Ancient Realm opponents appeared, all of whom had only two or three extinguished Soul Lamps.

To Meng Hao, these people were nothing more than... dry weeds to be crushed underfoot!

He waved his hand, causing the Blood Demon Grand Magic to appear. Rumbling could be heard as 123 Blood Demon heads formed. They transformed into a blood-red tempest that spread out in all directions.

Miserable shrieks and cries of astonishment echoed out into the air.

As he proceeded forward, nine beams of golden light suddenly closed in on him. They were all Ancient Realm Demonic cultivators with two or three extinguished Soul Lamps, arranged in a spell formation.

Meng Hao’s eyes glittered when he noticed that one of the nine attacking Demonic cultivators was a Sea Dragon. With a cold snort, he waved his finger, causing hundreds of thousands of mountains to rumble down. Everything shook, and a huge wind kicked up as the nine Demonic cultivators were crushed, sending blood spurting out in all directions. Their faces filled with astonishment as Meng Hao suddenly utilized the Star Plucking Magic.

The Sea Dragon Demonic Cultivator suddenly flew through the air to be snatched by Meng Hao, who then clenched his hand viciously, causing the Demonic cultivator to revert to its true form, a roaring 300 meter Sea Dragon. Then, all of the onlookers looked on as Meng Hao efficiently slashed his hand into the Sea Dragon’s chest.

A miserable scream could be heard from the Sea Dragon. Meng Hao's expression was placid as he shoved his hand deeper in and grabbed onto the Sea Dragon’s heart. Then he clenched his hand down viciously, causing the heart to explode. Heart-blood fused with the Sea Dragon’s soul and life force, transforming into a drop of white blood!

Then Meng Hao pulled his hand back out and put the drop of blood into his bag of holding.

“One down!”

When the crowds saw this happening, and the intense murderous aura that surged up from Meng Hao, the viciousness and coldness caused their minds to spin.

It was at this point that Meng Hao extended his hand to reveal the Lightning Cauldron. Electricity danced as he vanished. Almost in the same moment, a pillar of light slammed down toward the position he had just occupied.

A Demonic cultivator then appeared in that same spot. Before it could even react, it was completely vaporized by the beam of light.

Meng Hao reappeared off in the distance, eyes flickering as he looked around at several hundred Demonic cultivators who had flown together to form a huge spell formation. Shockingly, their combined forms created a 3,000-meter long sea beast, a gigantic sea crab!

The sea crab spell formation looked extremely strange. In addition to its two huge pincers, there were eight Sea Dragons growing out of its illusory carapace. All of them were roaring at Meng Hao, causing beams of magical light to fly out toward him.

Meng Hao blinked nine times in a row, causing his view of the world to change. He could now clearly see that of the more than 1,000 Demonic cultivators that made up the sea crab spell formation, there were eight that made up the nucleus. Those eight were all Sea Dragon cultivators.

“If I add those in, I’ll only be short one Long Tianhai!” Killing intent flickered in Meng Hao’s eyes.

The sea crab roared, and two beams of light flew out of its pincers, piercing down into the ground and then erupting out from below his feet.

Meng Hao gave a cold harrumph. He was now fairly close to Long Tianhai’s Immortal’s cave. Eyeing the sea crab for a moment, he suddenly began to switch locations with random Demonic cultivators, causing him to get closer and closer.

As he closed in, his cultivation base surged higher. His goal was to reach the giant sea crab and then strike like lightning, destroying it in one shot.

He picked up speed, and his momentum built up, but just when he was about to reach the sea crab, a bellowing roar could be heard in front of him, and a black beam of light suddenly appeared. It was like a tornado spinning toward him, which then transformed into a burly man. He looked exactly like a cultivator, except that... he had a huge turtle shell on his back! The turtle shell looked crystalline, and glittered resplendently, making the burly man look impressively powerful.

“DIE!” he roared. Surprisingly, the man did not emanate any cultivation base fluctuations. However, when he struck out with his fist, it contained Heaven-shaking, Earth shattering power.

“The Life-Extermination Fist!” thought Meng Hao, his eyes widening as he recognized the fist strike.

“A body cultivator!”

As it turned out, the burly man... was a body cultivator. He was a Demonic cultivator, and yet, he did not cultivate the path to Immortal Ascension. Instead... he pursued fleshly body Immortal Seeking. His name was also on the ninth golden gate stone stele, and although he wasn't ranked as high as Meng Hao, he was still in the top 10.

At the same time that he attacked with astonishing power, all of a sudden, a huge wave appeared off in the distance, surging toward Meng Hao along with a cold snort which emanated from within.

The voice belonged to a woman, and was filled with power that could split metal and shatter stone. Even more shocking was that the snort itself was filled with an unbelievably powerful divine sense that sent intense pain stabbing into Meng Hao’s brain. His entire body was shaken, and he stopped in place.

The burly Demonic cultivator took advantage of that moment to slam his fist into Meng Hao, who let out a muffled grunt as he fell back seven or eight paces.

However, the burly Demonic cultivator's face fell, and blood sprayed out of his mouth as he staggered backward a few dozen steps. He was completely astonished to find that his blow had actually ended up injuring himself!

The backlash power that came from Meng Hao caused the burly man’s scalp to go numb.

Meng Hao slowly looked up, eyes cold as he sized up the incoming wave. His eyes were immediately drawn to a woman sitting cross-legged inside of it. She wore a blue dress, and was incredibly beautiful, although cold, with a murderous aura.

Meng Hao was unfamiliar with this woman.

All of a sudden, another cold voice rang out. Fan Dong’er appeared, inky hair swirling around her as she planted herself directly in the path of the wave.

“Sea Daughter Bei Yu, I shall be your opponent this day!”

The woman within the wave was none other than... the Holy Daughter of the Demonic Cultivator Horde, the equally famous... Sea Daughter Bei Yu! [1. Bei Yu’s name in Chinese is 贝玉 bèi yù. Bei means “shell”. Yu means “jade”]

Bei Yu frowned as Fan Dong’er appeared in front of her. The two women faced off in midair for a moment and then began to fight. Meng Hao looked away from them, and as he did, the burly body cultivator up ahead bellowed,

The burly man clenched his fists and declared, “You're also a body cultivator! Do you have the guts to fight me with no magical techniques? Let’s have a fleshly body duel!!”

In response to the burly body cultivator’s challenge, Meng Hao snorted coldly and began to stride forward, his qi and blood power rocketing up. At the same time, the burly man roared and began to run forward, his own qi and blood surging. As they closed in on each other, a crafty gleam suddenly appeared in Meng Hao’s eyes. Just when they were about to slam into each other, his fist suddenly transformed into an incantation gesture, and the Paragon Bridge appeared to meet the burly man’s Life-Extermination Fist.

At the same time, the burly man’s left hand began to glow with a flickering light, which transformed into a Ghost Face. However, because of Meng Hao’s quick switch to summon the Paragon Bridge and its intense pressure, the Ghost Face gave a shriek and vanished.

That Ghost Face was an attack that could be used to limit the qi and blood of a body cultivator, and was the body cultivator’s trump card. He had never imagined that Meng Hao would actually rely on a magical technique and not his fleshly body!

The Life-Extermination Fist of the old man in the ninth golden gate stone stele could easily rock the Paragon Bridge. However, this Demonic body cultivator was not nearly as qualified. Rumbling could be heard, and blood sprayed out of his mouth. His fist exploded, and he tumbled backward shrieking. At the same time, Meng Hao didn't slow down for a moment, but rather, shot after him.

“Despicable!” raged the burly man. “You're a body cultivator, but you don’t have the guts to fight me with body cultivation!?!?”

“You think that I won’t use magical techniques just because you say so, smart-ass? Besides, you tried to pull a fast one too!” Meng Hao's eyes flickered icily as his right hand shot out and performed an incantation gesture, then transformed into a fist. The fist struck out like lightning toward the man’s chest. In the moment before it struck, it transformed again, this time into a palm, which smashed into the man’s chest and grabbed him. Blood sprayed out of the man’s mouth as Meng Hao then lifted him directly up in front of him.

Shockingly, he was using the burly man as a shield with which to charge the giant sea crab!


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