Chapter 1068: Who Dares to Save Him!?

Chapter 1068: Who Dares to Save Him!?

Popping sounds echoed out in all directions from within the region of scorching flames as intense pain wracked Elder Hai Sheng. Soon, his internal organs began to burn, intensifying both the pain and the sensation of crisis!

The shadow of death loomed over him, and he could sense that if this went on much longer, he... would die!

He was surrounded by a sea of flames that was rapidly burning him to ash!

He had never even considered the possibility that he might lose this battle, or that he might actually die. He hadn't arrogantly assumed that he could win with only five extinguished Soul Lamps. Instead, he had immediately attacked with his trump card, a Soul Jade given to him by a late Ancient Realm expert from the Demonic Cultivator Horde.

The fact that he was still in a state of critical danger, even after his cultivation base had risen to the level of nine extinguished Soul Lamps... caused Elder Hai Sheng’s heart to tremble.

“Just what good fortune has this guy come across to become so powerful? Most importantly, it’s not just...

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