Chapter 1062: Boiling Sea!


Meng Hao shot toward Seajacket Island with lightning speed. Now that he was eternally within the Immortal Emperor Realm, he truly looked like a lightning bolt as he sped forward, dazzlingly fast.

It was a speed that even the early Ancient Realm couldn’t achieve, and was more akin to someone with six or seven extinguished Soul Lamps. And that... was while he was still under the pressure of the Ninth Sea!

If he left the Ninth Sea, his speed would be even greater!

As he shot along beneath the surface of the water, he only continued to move faster and faster, causing raging waves to roll out on the sea’s surface. Killing intent raged in his heart.

His eyes flickered with coldness. It had been a very long time since he had been this angry, since he had itched with the desire to kill. At the moment, it didn’t matter who got in his way, they would fall victim to his rage and his desire to kill.

Kidnapping friends to use as hostages was taboo in the cultivation world. Few people would dare to do such a thing. Everyone had friends and relatives, so if people engaged in such practices, it would lead to......

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