Chapter 1054: Little Haowie Needs To Be a Good Boy

Chapter 1054: Little Haowie Needs To Be a Good Boy

Meng Hao was just about to leave when he heard the words and stopped in place, his heart thumping.

He slowly turned to look back at the nine Sea Realm Demons who had repeatedly done everything they could to provoke him. Although he was truly convinced that his own excessive killing had caused this irreconcilable conflict, the regret he felt was mostly gone thanks to the actions of these Demonic cultivators.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Sometimes the only thing that matters... is who has the power to back up their words!

Only the powerful could back up what they said!

As soon as Meng Hao heard the Sea Realm Demon mention the word 'bet,’ he thought for a moment and then smiled. It was a bashful smile, and a bit apologetic.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he said hesitantly.

“Cut the crap!” said the Demonic cultivator. “Do you have the guts to make the bet, or not!?” Immediately, the other Sea Realm Demons started laughing. As for Long Tianhai, he looked over with cool indifference.

They didn’t know Meng Hao, so they had no idea that concealed beneath that bashful smile was a temper so violent that even words like conniption or paroxysm couldn’t describe it.

“No bets for me!” Meng Hao took a deep breath and decided to take...

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