Chapter 1051: Top 10!


Meanwhile, back in Meng Hao’s Immortal’s cave, rumbling sounds could be heard coming from within two of the stone chambers in his residence. It didn't take long for the two chambers to completely collapse.

Two Ghost Eyes suddenly emerged from within the cloud of dust. When they saw each other, sparks of hostility could be seen, but instead of fighting each other, they flew out of the residence, apparently intent on making their escape.

However, as soon as they emerged, they found themselves facing the parrot, who was in the middle of coaching the Demonic cultivators in their singing. The parrot stared in shock, and then immediately looked displeased.

“They look so familiar, but I can’t quite place them. Anyway, why is their fur so sparse?”

“You fool, they don’t have fur, those are tentacles!” Off to the side, the meat jelly jumped at the chance to correct the parrot. All of a sudden it felt as if it knew about everything in the world, which also caused it to feel superior to and wiser than the parrot.

“Well it doesn’t matter if its fur or tentacles,” the parrot responded angrily, “they...

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