Chapter 1049: The Ninth Golden Door!

Chapter 1049: The Ninth Golden Door!

As soon as the words left Fan Dong’er’s mouth, Meng Hao cleared his throat. For some reason, it didn't feel right to con her in this way. But then he thought about the situation with the Paragon's blood, and the vast amount of spirit stones and Immortal jade he needed, and he realized that he couldn't let even the smallest juicy prey escape his grasp.

“How many spirit stones do you wanna bet?” he asked her.

Fan Dong’er snorted coldly. How could she not tell that Meng Hao was confident in his abilities? Otherwise, he would never have mentioned the possibility of a bet. However, she was equally confident in being able to win, and in fact, was certain that she would. Meng Hao had never been to the Nine Seas God World, let alone entered the golden gate stone steles. However, she was very familiar with them, far more so than Meng Hao.

“Alright, Meng Hao, let’s see who cons who this time!” she thought. Her expression cold, she pretended as if she were throwing all caution to the wind. However, inwardly she was actually feeling quite complacent. This time, it wasn't Meng Hao who had lured her into a bet, it was she who was pulling the strings.

At the same time that Meng...

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