Chapter 1045: ROCKED!

Chapter 1045: ROCKED!

Time passed one breath at a time. He had long since passed the usual time limit for the Nirvana Fruit. However, after enough time had passed for an incense stick to burn, he still sat there, Nirvana Fruit fully absorbed. He opened his eyes, grabbed the jade vial, and was about to open it, but then hesitated.

The hundreds of thousands of strands inside of him were growing dimmer, and would rapidly vanish. Unfortunately, the Nirvana Fruit still wasn’t completely fused with him, not even by half. In terms of percentages, then as of this moment, the Nirvana Fruit seemed to be about one percent fused.

“Even if I completely absorbed this entire sample of Paragon’s blood,” he thought, “then at most, I could achieve a four percent absorption....

“It’s not that the Paragon’s blood isn't strong, nor that it's fake. Rather.... this drop of blood is simply too diluted. Who knows how many dilutions it’s gone through.” He sighed inwardly. He knew that even if the Three Great Daoist Societies did have complete specimens of Paragon’s blood, they would still be incredibly scarce.

There was no way they would give him a complete drop. It was true that he was in the Echelon. However, taking a broad view, it was impossible...

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