Chapter 1041: The Origin

Chapter 1041: The Origin

Don't provoke me!

Meng Hao didn't actually speak the words, but based on everything he had said, the message to all his enemies was clear:

Don’t provoke me!

If you do, be prepared to deal with the consequences!

Today, I killed one Demonic cultivator and captured 33 more. Well then... if you dare to provoke me tomorrow, then I’ll do the same thing. And if you push me even further, then I’ll flip the table over and really cause a scene.

The streams of Dao Realm divine sense faded away. Meng Hao’s first day in the Nine Seas God World was a day in which his name spread throughout the entire sect. All disciples heard about what happened, leaving them with a profound impression.

Fan Dong’er looked deeply at Meng Hao for a moment, but didn't say anything. Her expression from earlier, in which she was rejoicing in his misfortune, was completely gone. Now, her fear of him was even more deeply rooted.

The Demonic cultivators’ hatred was still there, but Meng Hao had established his position in the sect. He still wasn't sure why they hated him so much, but it didn't matter; he had already secured his position. There wasn't a single Demonic cultivator in the entire sect who would dare to make a move against him.

No one in the Immortal Realm was his match. He had castigated the Ancient Realm, and even the Dao Realm...

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