Chapter 1040: Don’t Provoke Me!

Chapter 1040: Don’t Provoke Me!

Ling Yunzi gaped in response to Meng Hao’s words. The other disciples of the Nine Seas God World behind him also stared with wide eyes. Fan Dong’er gasped.

The other cultivators in the area felt their jaws drop and their minds reel. All of that was because Meng Hao had said the words... seafood.

Simultaneously, the surrounding Demonic cultivators’ eyes went bright red, and their desire to kill rocketed up, transforming into a tempest within the Nine Seas God World.

“He actually dared to call us seafood? He MUST be killed!!”

“Kill him NOW! I haven’t eaten a cultivator for a long time, and I want to eat HIM!!” Roaring sounds raged up into the air, echoing out in all directions.

Meng Hao laughed coldly, and his expression was the same as ever. His words had been uttered intentionally, of course. He did not believe for a moment that if he spoke politely, the Demonic cultivators would suddenly stop viewing him as an enemy that needed to be killed.

For whatever reason, they hated him and wanted him dead, a situation that didn't seem possible to resolve. Therefore, since he didn't have the power to fight back physically, he would use fatally destructive words as his weapon.

Sometimes, the power of one’s words were of more use than the strength of one’s cultivation base.

For example, calling the Demonic cultivators ‘seafood...

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