Chapter 1035: The Meat Jelly was the Lightning Emperor?


The white-robed woman remained silent for a moment, looking at the meat jelly with a complex expression, as if she were recalling the past. Meng Hao wasn’t sure why, but for some reason it almost looked like an expression of... bitter resentment.

All of a sudden, Meng Hao’s scalp began to go numb, and he subconsciously looked over at the meat jelly, then back at the white-robed Paragon. He had hoped that he had been mistaken, and that there was not really a look of bitter resentment on her face. And yet, when he looked back at her, he was even more certain than before, causing him to blink.

After a moment of silence, the white-robed Paragon slowly asked, “Is it that you don't remember, or that you're not willing to admit it?”

“Don’t remember,” the meat jelly replied, its voice hoarse, but lacking the slightest trace of its usual long-windedness.

“Years ago, there was a cultivator whose name was Lei Daozi [1. Lei means "lightning." Dao is "the Dao," and Zi means "child" or "son." As I mentioned before "Daozi" is also what is translated as "Dao Child" when used as a title]. He was a lightning cultivator, and one of the nine Emperors. He was known as the Lightning Emperor. Did you know him?” The white-robed woman expression grew more and more complex as she looked at the meat jelly. Sometimes she remembered things clearly, other times things...

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