Chapter 1031: Trying to Control the Black Beetles

Chapter 1031: Trying to Control the Black Beetles

It was as Meng Hao sped away in flight that he saw Su Yan become transparent; the black beetles ignored her and began to turn their attention to him.

Su Yan wasn't completely invisible; her outline was still vaguely apparent. However, she didn't use this opportunity to flee. Instead, she followed the sea of insects, smiling. The expression on her face was something very familiar to Meng Hao.

“Profiting from my misfortune!” Meng Hao’s heart went black with hatred. That was one of HIS favorite things to do, but now, the roles were reversed. He was now the subject of the machinations of others, which was something he simply couldn’t accept.

“This wench is just waiting until I get tired from being chased. Then she’ll try to extort things from me! She must have her eyes on my spirit-immortal stones!” When he realized this, he snorted coldly.

“Spirit-immortal stones are essentially the same as spirit stones!” he thought, grinding his teeth. For someone to try to rob his money was equivalent to targeting his life, and Meng Hao’s eyes were instantly shot with blood.

As he fled, a sea of hundreds of thousands of insects whistled...

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