Chapter 1023: The Mountain and Sea Realm Alliance!


A strange cultivator was almost able to hunt Li Ling’er down and kill her!

Unexpectedly, no one from the Li Clan showed up to stop it from happening. The situation seemed very strange, especially considering... that the Li Clan was not very far away on Planet North Reed. In the Ninth Mountain and Sea, inquiries were rarely made when ordinary cultivators fought and killed another. However, when a Chosen died or was injured, it was always a big matter!

Very few people would actually employ deadly force against a Chosen, mostly because of the numerous ramifications that would be involved.

However, this strange cultivator clearly wanted to kill Li Ling’er. Most importantly... Meng Hao’s vision had been interfered with moments ago so that he couldn’t see what was happening.

Clearly, this strange cultivator was not working alone. He definitely had some almighty expert hiding in the shadows, assisting him. Meng Hao had already reached such a conclusion before coming to rescue Li Ling’er. In the end, he decided that it didn’t matter; he had to rescue her anyway.

Therefore, when he heard someone crying out to prevent him...

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