Chapter 1021: Pursued into the Ruins of Immortality! (Teaser)

Chapter 1021: Pursued into the Ruins of Immortality!

Meng Hao waved his finger at Patriarch Reliance, causing him to suddenly stop. By this point, the turtle’s discontent had reached the point of detonation, and he let out a mighty roar at Meng Hao. As for Meng Hao, he rose to his feet and looked curiously off into the distance toward the Ruins of Immortality.

“Strange. I got a really weird feeling just now,” he said. Although he wasn't sure what had caused it, he was sure that moments ago, something like a veil had passed in front of his eyes. It was as if... there was something he should have seen that had been covered up.

“What do you mean strange?” said Patriarch Reliance, sounding a bit arrogant. “A girl went by just now, calling your name. You ignored her, and she ran off into the Ruins of Immortality. Oh, there was some kid chasing her, looked like he was trying to kill her.” Patriarch Reliance looked both disdainful and pleased with himself as he spoke.

Meng Hao stared in shock.

“Yeah, that's right!” the parrot said, sounding surprised. “Lord Fifth saw it too. You mean you didn't see it?”

“Lord Third saw it too!” the meat jelly said, sounding very serious. “You really couldn't see it!? Come...

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