Chapter 1012: Opening the Essence Door

Chapter 1012: Opening the Essence Door

On that day, virtually every member of the Fang Clan saw an Azure Dragon fly out of the Medicine Pavilion in the Dao of Alchemy Division, then speed around Planet East Victory before eventually fading away.

As it vanished, motes of green light sprinkled down onto the lands of Planet East Victory, causing the entire planet to thrum with life force.

This scene caused the hearts of all the cultivators on Planet East Victory to tremble with shock.

In the Medicine Immortal Sect, Fang Yanxu saw what was happening and his expression flickered with astonishment. He gazed in the direction of the Dao of Alchemy Division and murmured after a long time, “So the legends about the eighth level are true.... The first alchemist to completely unseal the Azure Dragon of plants and vegetation, will free the dragon and enable it to nourish the lands.

“Meng Hao’s skill in the Dao of alchemy has reached an incredible level....”

Fang Shoudao took a deep breath. His eyes were wide as he watched the Azure Dragon fade away, and the nourishing motes of light fall down onto the planet. He even reached his hand out and allowed one of the glimmering lights to land onto his palm.

Simultaneously, the Dao bell appeared in midair over the...

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