Chapter 1011: Challenging the Medicine Pavilion Again!

Chapter 1011: Challenging the Medicine Pavilion Again!

Dao of Alchemy Division. Medicine Pavilion.

As soon as Meng Hao set foot inside, he was once again on the seventh level.

Last time, he passed six levels in a row, achieving the highest marks possible at each level. He passed them perfectly. Notably, on the sixth level, each step he took caused lotuses to bloom, shocking the outside world and causing the Dao bell to toll.

Now he had returned, and in addition to his desire to earn some money, he was filled with determination, as well as dedication to the Dao of alchemy.

“This time, I'm definitely going to go through all nine levels!” Everyone in the Ninth Mountain and Sea knew that Meng Hao was an Immortal Realm Paragon, but few people were aware that that his skill in the Dao of alchemy had reached a point of perfection that could only be described by the saying, “the pill furnace flame turned blue.” [1. "The pill furnace flame turning blue" is a Chinese idiom based on the beliefs of ancient Chinese alchemists, who thought that when the flame of their pill furnace turned blue when concocting, it was a perfect success. It’s now an expression that means “to reach a point of perfection”]

The last time he was on the seventh level, he had grafted 75,000 medicinal plants and yet, his mental focus had...

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