Chapter 998: The Fall of Fang Wei!


A brutal attack!

“Xiushan!!” When Fang Heshan saw what happened, his face filled with grief. He threw his head back and howled. Were it not for the Grand Elder going all out to block his way, he would have instantly charged towards Meng Hao.

As of this moment, all of the cultivators of the various sects and clans of the Ninth Mountain and Sea were staring in complete shock at what was happening. They already knew that Meng Hao was incredibly powerful, but when they saw him kill Fang Xiushan, they were completely shaken on a deep and profound level.

They looked at Meng Hao, eyes wide with jealousy.

“He’s a powerful expert who has surpassed everyone in his generation, and can even fight with people in the Ancient Realm!”

“It’s too bad that he’s going to perish because of the upheaval in the Fang Clan....”

“If he doesn’t die in this battle, then his future... will be unimaginable!” Gasps could be heard throughout the Ninth Mountain and Sea as Fang Xiushan died.

The disbelief on his face in the moments before death was clear. He was in the Ancient Realm, with two extinguished Soul Lamps. And yet, he died at the hands of an Immortal Realm cultivator. He had come to exact vengeance...

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